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We recently worked with Jane and Jo in developing our People Promise (employer value proposition) – it was perfect timing post the pandemic and in extremely challenging times for the industry.  Whilst the outputs have been really impactful, engaging internal colleagues and repositioning us in a competitive labour market, working with Jane and Jo was really easy in a space that many others could overcomplicate.  They worked with our colleagues to obtain feedback, facilitated discussion with our senior teams and provided practical tools to assist with internal engagement and communication.  

We are delighted with the results – a real, authentic People Promise that has resonated with our internal teams and new hires alike!”  

Justin Johnson HR Director, Elior UK and Personnel Today HRD of the year 2023 

Elior UK

Elior employs more than 10,000 people working across the UK in catering, hospitality and wider facilities services across a wide range of sectors from workplace, education and healthcare to defence and stadia.


They commissioned us to help them update their EVP (employer value proposition) which required a  a comprehensive approach towards coming up with a simple, relatable and aspirational summary to resonate with everyone.


Having conducted deep-dive diagnostics, we streamlined and summarised all those outcomes. We then facilitated a day with the senior leadership team and helped them build a deliverable yet aspirational overarching statement to shape their employer brand.


Binning the corporate term ‘EVP’ in favour of a simpler and more relatable ‘People Promise’, one sentence, eight bullet points and 80 words later, the objective was achieved.

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