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“The first step in our 2019 re-brand of Hospitality Action involved working with Jane and Jo  to frame a conversation with our staff and stakeholders to help us articulate our values and to make sure they were at the heart of how we presented ourselves to the wider world.”  

 Jeremy Gibson, Marketing Director

Hospitality Action

HA was established in 1837 and offers vital assistance to people who work or have worked within hospitality to give them the help, advice and support they need if times get tough. From physical, mental or financial difficulties, family challenges or addiction, HA offers a range of practical support from a grant to an employee assistance programme to specialist support and beyond.

HA played a vital part during the pandemic supporting a devastated industry by quickly deploying a range of emergency measures including amplified financial assistance, outreach and increased mental health service provision.

The organisation was keen to become a role model employer and, at a practical level, wanted to support their own people to cope with change and increased demand, for example calls to the HA helpline increased twelve-fold during lockdown.

To carry out a through diagnostic, we designed a confidential, bespoke, digital survey. We then reported clear and concise conclusions and recommendations. This information was used as the basis of a facilitated day with the leadership team. We utilised psychometrics to improve the team dynamic, communication, trust and awareness. The group was able to produce new cultural statements together with a prioritised and workable plan for addressing areas where business improvements could be made.

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