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“As we move forward in this brave new world, we are proud to have started a new chapter at the IoH and we were delighted with Jane and Jo’s generous support and beyond excellent facilitation. Our simple yet impactful new values are not a statement but an ambition to make the Institute more relevant and inclusive than ever before.”

Robert Richardson, CEO

Institute of Hospitality

The IOH is the world’s leading professional membership body for professionals working and studying in hospitality, leisure and tourism. The organisation promotes continued professional development and lifelong learning across a diverse global membership.

Established in 1938, the organisation has a long and successful history though, with a new of Chair and CEO, there was a need to evolve the organisation, building on its heritage, starting with a cultural redefinition, refresh and refocus. Our brief was to facilitate the team towards an authentic and inspiring purpose and values which would drive excellence and innovation. To enable change, it was important to build trust across a new team creating better understanding openly, transparently and honestly.

The organisation was able to move from lengthy and complex cultural definitions to simple, appropriate and memorable.

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